Post-Partum & Women's Issues

The path through life’stransitions is

rarely straightforward

Are you… ​

→ Experiencing depression, anxiety, or intrusive thoughts - antepartum, postpartum, or otherwise?

→ Feeling disconnected from yourself, your family, or your new baby?

→ In the grip of menopausal changes with discomfort around every corner?

→ Struggling to manage stress, depression, "stuckness" or anxiety?

→ A woman seeking to improve her relationships with family, friends, children, or partners?

A return to joy is within reach

People with postpartum mood disorders often experience emotional highs and lows, frequent crying, fatigue, guilt, intrusive thoughts, anxiety, and may have trouble caring for their baby.

People experiencing perimenopause often experience physical, emotional, and just plain uncomfortable symptoms, many of which are unexpected and unwelcome.

Women’s counseling is important because it helps women to deal with a myriad of issues in their lives. This type of counseling is beneficial for women who want to improve their relationships, manage stress and anxiety, and deal with a host of other mental health issues.

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