Maureen Schrenk

Licensed Professional Counselor

On this journey I am learning love, empathy, forgiveness, and compassion for myself and for others. I love showing individuals how their own hearts are a dynamic healing tool and how they can trust in themselves.

I support people in tapping into their own inner wisdom and insight. I am also dedicated to lifelong learning - particularly around the best ways to facilitate healing from various traditions. I regularly engage in research to learn the newest skills and techniques to teach my clients.

My vision for my clients is for them to create, manifest, and live their best lives.

I believe your pain, illness, or problem is a catalyst for change and that your heart is one of your most powerful healing tools. I am here to help you tap into your inner wisdom, self-love, and the answers you possess inside of you so that you can be your most authentic self. You are the expert on your life and your experience, so on some level you already know all of the answers. I simply provide a safe and nurturing environment for you as you get to the root of your challenges and tap into your own wisdom.

My ideal client population focuses on healing trauma as a certified EMDR practitioner. I also focus on women's issues, life transitions, grief support, and stress management, and I also offer coaching around exercise and healthy living.