Lisa Smith

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

My interest in social work is rooted in my lifelong desire to provide compassionate service to others, and deepened by my experiences with professionals who helped me through difficult times in my own life.

I have worked in community mental health and medical social work for over 20 years. I have worked in public mental health clinics where I supported people experiencing every possible mental health condition and life stressor.

In recent years, I have increasingly focused on serving the queer community that I call home, working with people living with HIV/AIDS, and gender-diverse people. My experiences as a lesbian and a person who has experienced lifelong gender incongruence have helped to inform my work, both with other queer people, and with marginalized communities in general.

I continuously strive to approach my work with an equity lens, and an awareness of the intersectionality that many of my current and past clients experience.

I provide support to gender-diverse children, adolescents, young adults, and their families.

I help gender-diverse young people explore their identity and support them in making decisions about coming out, socially transitioning, and exploring medical interventions, if desired.

I provide education and support to families of gender-diverse young people. These families commonly experience a range of feelings including fear, anxiety, and grief along with profound love for their child or family member.

I am able to provide required documentation for young people who are pursuing medical interventions (sometimes referred to as a WPATH (World Professional Organization for Transgender Health) letter of support, or a readiness assessment).