Heide Perry-Bringman

Licensed Professional Counselor, Founder

I help those who are committed to building their ideal life through personal growth.

My ideal clients are those living with antepartum and postpartum mood disorders, people who choose non-traditional relationship styles (like ethical non-monogamy), and professional people seeking greater evolution and understanding of their creative and spiritual bodies through personal self-growth. I also love working with couples and those struggling with parenting. I have extensive knowledge of anthroposophy and Waldorf education.


I feel strongly that counseling is a process that impacts both therapist and client alike. In providing support and perspective in our sessions, I will do everything I can to be both genuine and fully present with you as we work toward your goals. My approach to therapy draws upon a wide range of techniques, including aspects of Rogerian, Adlerian, existential, and cognitive-behavioral psychology. Being that each of us is unique, I will call on these and other approaches as they apply to and benefit you.

In our time together I strive to listen fully, provide insightful feedback, and help you to improve your communication, all while reminding you of the power of relaxation and playfulness. Together we will define your therapeutic goals and strategize ways to meet them. Much of the time this also involves exploring your history and the impact the past has had on your current state of mind.

My specialized areas of therapeutic interest include depression, anxiety, grief, phase of life changes, anthroposophy and Waldorf education, simplicity parenting, as well as reproductive, parenting, and postpartum issues.