Ethical Non-


Complex relationships can have simple solutions

Are you…

→ Struggling with navigating the pitfalls of traditional or non-traditional partnerships?

→ Feeling secretive, alone, and judged by friends or family who don’t understand?

→ Curious about polyamory and what it means to open your relationship?

You are not alone, and we can help

The term ethical non-monogamy has been used to describe a non-monogamous relationship that is based on principles such as honesty, open communication, and respect. And, let’s face it, these relationships can be tricky to navigate - not only with one’s partners, but with oneself, and with society at large.

Together we can explore and normalize anxieties, navigate shared agreements, quell the fear of abandonment or change, soothe jealousy, and address differences in the goals and desires of each member of the relationship.

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