Alan Waiczs

Licensed Professional Counselor

These are troubled times. Many of us find our anxiety or depression difficult to control. Relationship issues are magnified by fears, financial woes, and even grave loss. I like to think that I am here to help.

The decision to enter therapy is a courageous one: therapy requires change. You’ve come this far and that says something about you: you want a better, happier life. You want to fill an

emptiness inside.

I don't have a horse in your race, your success and happiness are my only goal. I have a lot of life behind me – and intuitive insight. I can very rarely be shocked and am not shy when it comes to telling the truth.

I borrow from several therapeutic models: Emotionally Focused,

Mindfulness, Person Centered, CBT, and DBT, Exposure and Response Prevention.

Couples are closest to my heart. LGBTQ, transgender and transitioning, non-binary and polyamorous, as well as traditional "binary" couples, with or without the formality of marriage.

Individuals with Anxiety, Depression, Grief, Social Phobia and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

(OCD) are particularly welcome.

I believe that every race, spirituality, ethnicity, sexuality or gender have a right to thrive and take joy from every breath. Let each find that I have welcomed their way of being and worldview with unconditional positive regard.

I have a deep and heartfelt interest in walking the corridors of life with you, helping you find the things you want, the things you deserve, as you, and your partner or family, find happiness and meaning in your journey.